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Full Valet

Service Description

EXTERIOR - No contact pre-wash - Snow foam pre-wash - High pressure pre-rinse - Microfibre shampoo wash - Microfibre drying - Door shuts cleaned - Wheel arches cleaned - Full wheel deep clean - Tyre treatment applied - Glass and mirrors cleaned - Clay bar windscreen - Exterior wax (3 month protection) - Trim back to black - Trim and rubber UV protection (3 months) INTERIOR - Mats removed, vacuumed and shampooed - Carpets vacuumed and shampooed - Seats vacuumed and shampooed - Boot vacuumed and shampooed - Leather seats cleaned - Hard surfaces cleaned - Hard surface UV Protection (3 months) - Glass and mirrors cleaned - Rubbish removed note: stain and pet hair removal not included but can be added for an additional fee

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