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Product Review - Sonax BSD

"Sonax Brilliant Shine Detailer is a spray-on detailing product that is used to cean and shine the exterior of a vehicle. It is designed to remove light dirt and grime and can be used

to touch up the shine on a previously-waxed or polished vehicle. It can be used on paint, chrome, and plastic surfaces, and is typically applied using a microfibre cloth."

If you know about Sonax BSD then you will know that the previous quote on its intended use is somewhat different to its actual use. A quick search online will show you that paint

protection and water repellency are the desired properties of this product which most people use it for. The hydrophobicity and water beading of Sonax BSD is probably the highest out of any detailing spray and the durability of this product has been reported at 4 months or more. But enough about supposed claims and quotes, i'll give you my own opinion on using the product for the last few months.

First of all, the product is a bit of a pain to apply and use. The spray nozzle on the bottle just splurts it out in big blobs rather than a fine mist. This maybe because the product is so thick or the spray head is crap. I have tried multiple ways to apply it and have settled upon what works for me which is to have two microfibre cloths; one for applying, one for buffing. I spray 2-3 sprays per panel onto one microfibre towel and spread it on the car, then I buff it off with a clean side of the second microfibre towel. This way I have found it reduces streaking if you constantly use a clean side of the microfibre.

You can pretty much apply it to everything. I've tried it on paintwork, glass, wheels, plastics, interior, basically everything. The only problem area I had was the windscreen exterior. When spraying screenwash and using the wipers, it did remove some product and cause a bit of hazyness on the windscreen so I would advise against this.

It provides great protection against dirt, rain, dust etc. You can see the water and dirt sitting on the surface rather than 'making the car dirty' if you know what I mean. A good hosing down with some decent water pressure is enough to remove most of the dirt. Even after washing the car multiple times, the protection provided is still there and I have found it easily lasts 6 weeks.

Even though its a pain to apply, this is a fantastic product simply because the good points outweigh the bad. When you see the water beading it creates and the way dirts falls off in subsequent washes, you'll understand. This is why we use it in our maintenance valet. The water and dirt repellency, the durability, the protection it provides all combine to make your car shine and help it to stay cleaner for longer.


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