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Maintenance Valet


- No contact pre-wash
Pre-wash is sprayed over your vehicle before we even touch it. This starts to break down the dirt and grime, making it easier to remove.

- High pressure pre-rinse
The loose dirt is then jetwashed off to leave a nearly clean surface. The more dirt we get off at this stage, the less chance of creating paintwork swirls during the contact wash.

- Microfibre contact wash
The contact wash is performed with a super soft microfibre mitt and a high quality car shampoo, using safe washing methods.

- Microfibre drying
This is done with an extremely large twisted loop microfibre towel. It is so absorbent, we literally drape it over your car and it sucks up all the water. It prevents water spots from forming and prevents scratches unlike a chamois leather which is notorious for causing scratches.

- Door shuts cleaned
Same methods as above but for all door shuts and boot shuts

- Wheel arches cleaned
These areas are particularly dirty and usually take a bit more work to get them nice and clean. We use the same methods as above except we will use brushes for any caked on dirt to ensure they are sparkling clean

- Wheel and tyre faces cleaned
Depending on how dirty these are, we might use a combination of an iron fallout remover (which removes brake dust), an alkaline wheel cleaner or just car shampoo. They are cleaned with soft brushes and microfibre mitts. Everything used to clean the wheels and wheel arches is kept separate from everything used on the bodywork. 

- Tyre treatment applied
We use a water based SiO2 treatment which returns your tyres back to black. It can last upto 3 months and leaves a nice satin finish that isn't sticky. 

- Glass and mirrors cleaned
Cleaned with a dedicated glass cleaner which leaves no streaks

- Exterior wax

We use a polymer and carnauba based spray which seals the paint and enhances the gloss.


- Mats removed and cleaned

We will remove your mats, vacuum them and clean them

- Carpets vacuumed

We used soft brushes to remove any dried on surface dirt and then thoroughly vacuum the carpets, getting into all the nooks and crannies. 

- Seats vacuumed

We thoroughly vacuum the seats

- Boot vacuumed

We use soft brushes to get as much of the stuck in dirt out as we can and then thoroughly vacuum the whole boot.

- Hard surfaces wiped down and treated

All hard surfaces dusted with a microfibre mitt and soft brushes then wiped down with a multipurpose interior cleaner which cleans and also protects

- Glass and mirrors cleaned

Cleaned with a dedicated glass cleaner which doesn't leave streaks

- Rubbish removed

note: not suitable for excessively dirty vehicles, extra cleaning may incur additional fee to be agreed with the client. Stain removal and pet hair removal not included but can be added for an additional fee to be agreed with the client. 

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